Three Fall Beauty and Fashion Trends

With the end of summer comes the cool weather of the fall. As the colors change so do the fashion trends that are in and all the rage. If you want to stay on top of the beauty and fashion trends, keep reading for the top three trends that will be sweeping the nation.

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Over the past few seasons long tresses have been the trendy hair style. We’ve been letting our hair grow out for months down, allowing it to flow down our backs and down to our waists.

However, this fall all of that changes. Instead of long hair, shorter and mid-length hair will be the go-to hairstyle from here on out. If you are looking to hop on this beauty bandwagon, do some online research or ask around for hair salon boca raton providers that have experience in helping you make the big chop.


Contouring and highlighting to achieve chiseled cheekbones and defined jaw lines have been the beauty standard for the past few years, but this upcoming fall season makeup takes on a softer, subtle, and more natural look.

Instead of extensive contouring, opt for a light bronzer and peachy blush. Ditch the dark smoky eyeshadow look and go with a light transition shade in the crease and a slightly highlighted brow bone.


This fall, outfits are going to resemble the darker colors that define the season. Deep burnt oranges and army greens will be making a comeback and printed pants will be all rage.

Your best bet for the ultimate on-trend look is to combine these two styles. Take a deep colored top and mix it with a printed bottom. Or, take a neutral top and match it with a dark printed or patterned pant.

If you love the idea of gaining more confidence from beauty and fashion trends, give your hair a good chop, go for subtle makeup, and adopt deep colors and patterns and you will be one of the trendiest people around town.