Barber Does More Than Cut Hair

Son, you need a haircut. Ever remember your dad or granddad telling you that? Sure you do. It happened yonks ago, to be sure, but you may recall that you might have kept your hair as long as possible because you and all the other kids thought it looked pretty cool. But not so cool when you had to go for your first job interview. And maybe as a kid, you never really enjoyed going to the barber in the first place.

Lots of funny old men around the place. They made you feel just so uncomfortable, always wanted to ruffle your mop of a head of hair. But that’s all water under the bridge. And now you are a grown man who, of course, knows better. Pretty soon you may end up telling your son; you need a haircut. The barber leesburg va shop is surely not much different from the one where all those old fuddy-duddies used to hang out.

Look, if you’re allowed to hangout, why can’t they. And they just happen to enjoy the aura of the barber shop. Those smells of talcum powder are like manna from heaven to them. And then there is that sense of reassurance of having a solid deck of hair cut by a man who actually knows what he’s doing. Not like those strange looking chaps now plying their trade at the ladies’ hairdressers. Let them be.

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Note to you the man. Hairdressers are for girls. And barbershops are for boys. It’s like going to the restroom, for crying out loud. And yes, your barbershop today is different from the one granddad used to drag you down to all those years ago. By the back of your hair perhaps?