3 Ways to Properly Coordinate Jewelry

Picking out an outfit for an event or a night out is one thing, but accessories are an entirely different ballgame. Even within accessories, you still have to pick out jewelry that fits your outfit and style without clashing with anything. Soho jewelry store has plenty of shiny options to choose from, but how to do you put them together to look glam and stylist?

Match the Occasion

Whatever jewelry you choose, you should make sure that it goes along with the occasion. If you’re going to be typing for several hours in the workplace, dangling bangles may not be the best option. For a night on the town, consider your outfit and aim to choose items that match the aesthetic you’re going for. At somber events, try to keep things toned down and simple.

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Contrast Your Look

If you’re going for a look that has busy prints and patterns and bold colors, you’ll want to leave the ornate and decorative pieces of your jewelry selection at home. Instead, opt for simple jewels when you’re wearing clothing that already makes a statement to avoid looking gaudy. Even the type of fabric should be considered, as ruffles paired with heavy accessories can be too much for the eyes.

Highlight the Face

Earrings can be an excellent way to bring out the beauty of your face and highlight specific features. Statement earrings are flashy and pop out, bringing out the eyes as well as other characteristics of your face. Take your face shape into consideration as well as the feature you want to stand out.

You can make a statement with your jewelry without going overboard if you consider what you’ll be wearing your jewelry for, the outfit that you’re matching it with, and the shape of your face.